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Access to safe and nutritious food is a major challenge that the world is facing today. The problem is more pronounced in urban areas as the urban population has been disconnected from their food for a very long time. Food grown commercially with heavy doses of fertilizer and pesticide are transported across long distance to reach supermarket shelves in urban areas. This in turn makes fresh vegetables and fruits lost their essential nutrients. Consumption of food low on nutrients which are laced with poisonous pesticides has led to an increase in occurrence of various diseases in urban population even among children.

Urban farming which is the art of growing fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs in constrained urban spaces is slowly becoming the only immediate answer to these problems. But growing your food organically and making it sustainable in cramped spaces needs information and, knowledge for increasing success rate. And sharing of knowledge and information that I have built and gathered over years of being an urban farmer is what I am trying do with my book. Though I have published an e-book on Organic Urban Farming earlier, not everyone is able to use it. There has been a steady demand for a printed book especially from senior citizens.

After talking to a few publishers I realized that there are no takers for this book as this is not exactly a best seller that can make their pockets heavier. On demand publishing made the cost of the book very high as its a full color book with lot of images for illustration. Hence I decided to self publish it. I have spent considerable amount of time and money to get my book to a printable state. Now it needs to go to the printing press. And that is where you come in.You can help me get the book published and make it available to those who are looking to start their own food gardens.

I have started a Ketto fundraiser to get the book published in full color. As color printing increases the costs, your contributions will be able to lower the final cost of the book. Your smallest contributions can also make a difference. Please do not forget to share with your collegues, friends and family

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