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Organic Urban Farming, The Indian Way

A Comprehensive Guide to Organic Gardening for Urban Spaces in India

by Prabal Mallick

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Language: English

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If you are a newbie urban gardener or an experienced one, this is one book you gotta have. This book deals with all aspects of setting up your own food garden, running and maintaining it year after year. An entire chapter in this book has been dedicated to designing your garden so that you learn about all the things you have to consider before starting your garden. This book covers all the methods and processes of creating and maintaining your garden including topics like garden bed preparation, potting soil preparation, soil management, organic soil conditioners and pest management. In the appendix section there is information on different vegetables and their requirements for container gardening, common pests and their management using simple solutions from your kitchen. The methods are tailor made for urban area and lifestyle. All in all this is a very comprehensive book that will ensure your success in growing your own fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs in the confines of your home year after year.

The Major Topics covered in the book are,

  1. Introduction to Urban Farming
  2. Philosophy of Organic Farming
  3. Garden Design
  4. Tools and Materials
  5. Garden Bed Preparation
  6. Container and Potting Mix preparation
  7. Choosing plants
  8. Seed sowing and transplanting
  9. Organic Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners
  10. Organic Pest Management
  11. Water Wind and Sunlight Management
  12. Composting Kitchen Waste
  13. Vermi Compost Preparation at Home
  14. Soil Management
  15. Crop Rotation and Companion Planting
  16. Common vegetables for Urban Gardening
  17. Common Pests and Diseases
  18. Pest and Disease Solutions from your Kitchen

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by SANGEETHA BALASUBRAMANIAM on Organic Urban Farming, The Indian Way

the book is very good.Only thing many things covered in this book were already available on your blog which I had read earlier.But there was a lot much to know.For a complete beginner with no knowledge on organic gardening as I was a few months ago before reading your blog,this book is awesome.

Great book to pick up if you want to grow organic vegetables on your terrace.