There is a huge food and nutrition gap that exists today in the world and this gap is expected to grow as population continues to rise and world’s resources continue to get exploited. Hence growing one’s own food is fast becoming a necessity than just a hobby.

Culturally in India we have always grown a part of our own food in our backyards. Even today in villages families depend a lot on the produce from their own backyards. But in the last few years due to rapid urbanization the art of growing one’s own food is being forgotten as urban spaces are assumed unfit for growing fruits and vegetables. But the truth is with proper planning, design and care a lot of vegetables and fruits can be grown even in small spaces in urban areas.

We empower families and communities by passing on knowledge, tools and resources to grow a part of their own food in an organic and sustainable manner at their own homes. Achieving self sufficiency in food production is the real empowerment of society and we help them achieve that to the best extent possible. We organize Training and Workshop on Organic Terrace Gardening and also give consultation on request.

Here is the list of services provided by us.

Workshop on Organic Terrace Gardening

We conduct workshops for small groups (12-15 people) to get them introduced to Organic Terrace Gardening. The workshop includes interactive class room sessions, demonstrations, terrace garden tour, question answer sessions, tea and refreshments. We organize these workshops from time to time. We also organize workshops on requests for a sizable group of people. This is an indicative content of our Workshop on Organic Terrace Gardening.

  1. Motivation behind growing your own food.
  2. Where can you grow vegetables.
  3. What can you grow in small spaces.
  4. Basics of Organic Terrace Gardening design and maintenance.
  5. Inputs to your vegetable garden and sustainability.
  6. Major gardening activities.
  7. Benefits of growing your own food.
  8. Cost Factor.
  9. Organic Terrace Garden Tour.

Training on different aspects of Organic Terrace Gardening

Training are just like workshops, but they are generally on a specific topic. And moreover you also get to do hands on work. For example there can be a training on Amrut Jal. There you would learn why and how you should be using Amrut Jal along with learning what Amrut Jal is. You’ll also be guided to make Amrut Jal during the training.
Training on different topics are held from time to time. Some of the training can also be held on request. Some of the training that we organize are as follows.

  1. Preparing Potting Soil and Soil Maintenance.
  2. Natural ways of pest management.
  3. Amrut Jal, Jiwamrit and Panchagavya preparation and usage.
  4. Watering and Plant Management.
  5. Kitchen waste composting and Vermi-Composting.

Short Course on Urban Farming and Organic Terrace Gardening

Courses are a combination of workshop, training which is designed to make you gain direct experience. We carry out 2 week and 4 week courses, during which you grow your own plants and learn to take care of them. As you do all the major gardening activities yourself with our guidance, you not only understand how to do stuff you also understand why you should be doing them. This helps you to gain direct experience and expertise.

This program is carried out at our garden. But on request we can carry it out in schools, colleges and corporate office premises having open space for gardening.

Consultation for Creating and Maintaining your own Organic Terrace Garden

An Organic Terrace Garden or an urban farm is easy to setup and run; Provided you have got proper guidance. Else simple failures can easily demotivate you. Moreover you may end up overspending because of lack of experience. And that is where we come in. With years of expertise in this field we’ll be able to design, plan and help you execute your own terrace vegetable garden. And we’ll also help you run it till you become comfortable of running it on your own. We’ll also give you access to our tools and resources which will make things much easier for you.


Growing your own food is an essential life skill that everyone must posses. And it is especially true for the times we live in. Hence we believe that seeding the knowledge of food growing, recycling and sustainability in schools is a must. Children will become the earth keepers long after we are gone. We work with children of different ages and can tailor the curriculum to cater to your objectives and requirements.

Bee Keeping

Bee keeping is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling hobbies across the world. If you are an aspiring bee keepers, we can help you set up bee hives at your home premises and gardens. The bees that we use is the Indian Honey Bee, whose sting is actually beneficial to health. We’ll maintain the hive and train you on bee keeping till you are confident of doing it all by yourself.

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