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K CHANDRA MOHAN asked 1 year ago

Last one year we are trying to grow chillies and tomatoes at our home using pots but not much success, recently while browsing net understood that ready made pot mixes which comes with vermiculite is good.  I have ordered one bag of ready made pot mix but later understood that vermiculite is harmful for humans and it is quite expensive also.   Right now I make pot mix using local soil, cocopeat, compost brought from nursery that all any suggestions?   mY LOCATION IS mANGALORE

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Prabal Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Mohan,
I find vermiculite and perlite etc more of hype than substance. You really do not need them. You can look at my blog post on potting mix and make your own potting mix.
For help on growing tomatoes please see this post.

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